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IMPORTANT UPDATE: After 10 years of operations, this year- 2024, will be our last year operations.Thank you to the many friends, donors and supporters that allowed us to serve our beloved NYC residents.

You Must Take Your Pet to an ER Hospital Immediately if your pet isbleeding, hit by car, has broken leg/arm, non stop vomiting, not eating and lethargic, not defecating, fallen out of window, has pyometra (infection of uterus) or any other symptoms that are not natural/normal for a pet.

  • Veterinary Care:  FIRST: Check out our Resources page for articles on how to care for your pet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Healthy Pets Project of NYC Inc., may be able to provide Veterinary care for your pet, but cases are reviewed thoroughly and we will ask pet owners to follow a protocol to determine assistance. Unfortunately we cannot assist all cases that contact us. Others will be referred to other organizations within the NYC area.