Our Partners

"Keeping families and their pets together"


If your pet is in need of emergency veterinary care (as in: bleeding, hit by car, non stop vomiting, not eating for more than a day and lethargy, has pyometra) You must take your pet to a hospital immediately!

  • ​​​Spay /Neuter Program: Due to COVID-19, We are not able to provide spay/neuter at this time. The ASPCA has began S/N operations in the Bronx and Brooklyn buy reservation only. You can also check out the Low Cost Vet as they are also providing these services out of their Queens location only. We provide low cost or Free (if you qualify) spay/neuter surgeries for pet owners through a partner Veterinary Hospital. Surgery day is once a month and is usually a Saturday. Meet up on surgery day involves meeting us early in the morning of surgery (6am/7am).

  • Other Resources: Please check out our Resources page for articles on how to care for your pet.
    Healthy Pets Project of NYC Inc., may be able to provide Veterinary care for your pet, but cases are reviewed thoroughly and we will ask pet owners to follow a protocol to determine assistance. Unfortunately we can not assist all cases that contact us. We maybe able to  provide Food Packages for pet owners in need in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. Others will be referred to other organizations in the NYC area.